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Fiji is a proud Melanesian nation that boasts a rich culture and history. With any visit to Fiji, you should take the time to acquaint yourself with the events, people and customs that help to make the country so special. If you find yourself in Suva, pay a visit to the Fiji Museum to learn about how life in Fiji, the local language and the culture has changed over the past few thousand years.

As with most destinations around the world, caution and vigilance are best practised to ensure that you and your belongings stay safe. If you are concerned about your safety ahead of your arrival, research your accommodation options well, as some hotels and resorts do take more extensive security measures than others. Mosquito-borne illnesses can be contracted in Fiji, so be sure to cover up or make use of insect repellents if you find yourself spending time outside at dawn or dusk. The sun in Fiji, much like the rest of the South Pacific, can be quite intense, resulting in rather severe sunburn in a relatively short period of time.

Before heading out into the sun, be sure to apply sunscreen to all exposed areas of skin and to cover up with a hat, sunglasses and clothing.

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If you are planning on going swimming, ensure that you take sunscreen with you to reapply after towel drying. Ready to set out on your own Fijian escape? Find cheap flights to Fiji and great Fiji holiday packages with Webjet! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Beqa Lagoon Resort. Bounty Island Resort. There are mosquitoes of course and it has been known for them to spread dengue fever and filariasis. Hepatitis A and B are also known to occur. You should obtain your own medical advice prior to your departure and obtain any immunisations you feel you need. That said most people do not have their little slice of heaven on Earth disturbed by anything other than common ailments. Ciguatera is a type of food poisoning that you would do well to bear in mind when perusing any menu.

This is a bowel-twisting condition resulting from eating big reef predators like barracuda , grouper and snapper. This may not seem like too great a sacrifice, particularly to scuba divers, when the alternative may consist of the following ingredients: nausea, chills, tingling mouth, weak muscles and joints, cramps, vomiting, diarrhoea, hot and cold flushes, and for dessert, aching extremities for weeks or even months!

Doesn't the mushroom pizza look good? Any divers that require chamber treatment would need to be evacuated to New Zealand or Australia. We highly recommend that all scuba divers have dive insurance that includes emergency evacuation. Fiji has earned its reputation as one of the world's greatest tourist destinations, based in part on the friendliness of its people.

Here your greatest concern, in the countryside and on the smaller islands, is more likely to be how to thank the locals for their kindness than how to avoid trouble with them. Having said that, Fijians do suffer from high rates of poverty and unemployment. In the urban areas, such as Suva and Nadi on Viti Levu, the local disaffected youth is garnering a reputation for tourist muggings and even the odd robbery-related murder. We do not consider Suva safe to walk around at night but, in any case, we don't recommend you spending any time in that smog polluted town anyway. Get out into the wonderful countryside and Fiji is a very safe place to travel.

The security most tourists feel here is evidenced by the numbers of older couples, families, honeymooners and young independent travellers who come here every year to enjoy Fijian diving packages at some of the most beautiful islands in the South Pacific. The much publicised coup back in caused great unrest and international disapproval since its ultimately successful objective was to remove Indo-Fijians from political and economic power. Racial tensions continue to simmer in politics although the coup was relatively bloodless.

Tourism has returned to normal following the Asian market crashes and the political upheaval of recent times, and it is unlikely politics will come to the fore in conversation during your diving trip. Many resort tourists come to Fiji to do as little as possible. It is a gorgeous Pacific island chain with beautiful beaches and a relaxed pace of life, so where better to come and unwind?

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Honeymooners also often concentrate on relaxing, dining and spending romantic moments together, and Fiji is the perfect place for that too. The good news is there is also plenty to do for those seeking activities. Pacific Harbour on the main island is a good base from which to partake in things like white-water rafting, kayaking, trekking and golfing, besides the shark diving.

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There is also a zip line, which sends you flying over the tropical jungle and seems to be a must-do for kids. If you are in Taveuni then a visit to the Tavoro waterfalls is a must, and there are always plenty of watersports activities. Bird-watching is also a popular activity in Taveuni where you can spot over species. Cultural activities include visiting the Fiji museum in Suva, enjoying Fijian song and dance, handicrafts, and of course, a display of impressive fire-walking as locals slowly step over hot coals without flinching. For more information on things to do, visit the Tourism Fiji website.

It lies just to the west of the International Date Line in fact, it actually runs through Taveuni so Americans lose a day getting there and gain one on the way back. Most businesses are open from am to pm, depending on how the proprietors feel that day and most close between and pm. Sunday is a day to unwind after a stressful week. Electricity is supplied at V, 50 Hz AC.

Many resorts, particularly the best ones, will have outlets for V and V and many have adaptors but, as ever, it's best to bring your own to avoid trouble. Sockets are 3-pin Australian-style. All but the bottom-end hotel rooms have phones and are often free to use locally but crippling for long-distance calls.

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IDD phone cards can help ease the pain but there is nothing quite as painless as calling collect. Vodafone is the only mobile operator here and has roaming agreements with Australian, New Zealand and UK providers so it is best to check the details with your local provider. Fiji is quickly falling in love with the 'net, and internet outlets are popping up all over the place at a cost of up to 25 cents per minute.

In some resorts however, it can be a different story and you will need to exercise time-limiting caution if you don't want to run up spine-chilling costs.


The postal service is more reliable and inexpensive than you might think. There is also an international express mail service. Post offices are plentiful and all major ones offer a free Poste Restante service. Fax services are also available. There are certain standards of behaviour which one would do better to avoid breaking but, as is always the case, the locals will know you to be a foreigner and will forgive your ignorant blunders with good grace.