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Once upon a time, fiberglass technology was in its infancy.

Fiberglass pools often looked plain or cheap, simply because technology hadn't advanced very far yet. This includes less chemical use, less scrubbing, and lower energy costs to operate.

10 Facts About Fiberglass Pools That Every Pool Owner Should Know

In the past, fiberglass pools had less advanced technology, so they looked plan or cheap. Modern fiberglass pools look high-quality, because they are.

Seven Potentially Hidden Costs of Installing an Inground Fiberglass Pool

They have high-quality gelcoats and structures, so they last longer and look beautiful. You also have almost limitless options for accessories, patio materials, water features, and more. Modern fiberglass pools have very little in common with their ancestors. They are stylish and sleek and can compete with any other pool type in terms of style.

We will concede that any pool that is poorly constructed or poorly designed is going to look cheap, and fiberglass pools are no exception. In comparison, modern fiberglass pools provide almost infinite options in shape, size, color, accessories, water features, and surround patio, landscaping, and more. The quality of materials makes or breaks the look of a pool. Fiberglass pools that are made cheaply areā€¦cheap. Thin side walls can cause unsightly bulges. Low-quality gelcoats can scratch and crack more easily. But, like buying a car or home or boat, a quality fiberglass pool looks elegant and becomes a true focal point within your own personal backyard resort.

Fiberglass Pools Pros and Cons:

Also, installing the right wiring and hookup for your water heater, if you have one. The colder the climate you live in, the more power your heater will require, hence the higher cost in more northern climates. Most installation packages include a concrete deck, but you can choose the look of the concrete.

A fiberglass pool will typically last for 25 years or more. To install a fiberglass pool, it will take 1 to 6 weeks to get the proper permits, then 3 to 5 days for inground pool builders to excavate, install the shell, install plumbing, place the backfill, and then fill with water.

A fiberglass pool can pop out of the ground is the surrounding area is drastically flooded with groundwater damage over a long period of time. Be sure your pool builder installs a concrete locking collar and proper drainage around the pool with a sump tube for easy inspection.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass pools are so easy to maintain. Get free estimates. How much will your fiberglass pool cost? Add-Ons For Fiberglass Swimming Pools Add-Ons are widely available from most pool and online stores, as well as from the company you hire to install the pool, the average cost for add-ons are as follows. Return to Top Fiberglass Pools Pros and Cons Fiberglass pools present their owners with many benefits compared to other pool materials.

Advantages of Fiberglass Pools Fiberglass pools are around 20 percent cheaper than concrete pools and low-maintenance. Fiberglass shells can be designed and created in any shape or size you want.

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The fiberglass shell comes delivered as a single unit that will be dropped into the space dug out for it. The time from ordering to swimming is much shorter than that of a traditional pool install. In some cases, this could be less than a week, including digging out the ground and the electrical work.

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